What is Uplifme?

Uplifme is a website that serves as a national resource hub that posts social service events.  The site provides real time information on available resources, in a consumable format, for both people who need resources and social service professionals seeking resources for the people they serve and/or professional development opportunities.  Uplifme works at the intersection of poverty and health and increases health equity and literacy by making information and resources available that addresses the social determinants of physical and behavioral health .  The site is a bridge that connects people to information and services provided by the public and non-profit sectors.

In 2024, Uplifme started the series “Community Connections – Uplifting the work of the Public and Non-Profit Sector”, with the goal of highlighting the multifaceted work of the organizations that serve their communities every day.  The goals of the series are to ensure the public is aware of the many resources available to them, as well as to support opportunities for public and non-profit organizations to forge new partnerships and collaborations to uplift our communities together.

What is the misson of Uplifme?

We are a company seeking to do good in the world by connecting people to information. If you have questions, please contact us here: Contact info@uplifme.com

Katrina Pratt Roebuck – Founder and CEO

Katrina Pratt Roebuck’s career spans 25 years in executive leadership positions, developing and implementing services for the city’s most vulnerable.  Her experience includes program and policy development and administration, in the areas of poverty, homelessness, affordable housing, education and behavioral health.  Katrina has led large teams of social service professionals and managed multi million dollar projects, successfully executing impactful, citywide initiatives.  Much of Katrina’s work over the years has included standing up new and innovative programming, coalition building, community engagement and systems level integration and change.  Throughout Katrina’s career, she has led the development of successful technological platforms, connecting thousands of Philadelphians to services that have improved the quality and trajectory of their lives.

Today, Katrina is the CEO of Uplifme and the Uplifme Resource Hub (URH).  Katrina launched Uplifme in 2021, with the intent of addressing the long-standing gap in connecting people to real time information on available resources addressing the social determinants of health, in an easy to use, format.  Social service professionals can also find professional development resources through 1:1 coaching and the Uplifme Institute.  The Uplifme Resource Hub complements the work of Uplifme by providing resource coordination for the people who need additional assistance in connecting to services.  

Katrina is a graduate of Julia R. Masterman High School in Philadelphia, Howard University in D.C., where she received a Bachelor’s in Psychology and LaSalle University in Philadelphia where she received a Master’s in Business Administration.

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