Hello and welcome. I am Katrina Pratt Roebuck, Founder and CEO of Uplifme. In addition to providing information on resource events across the country, I am also an Executive Coach and provide a training series titled “Success in the Public Sector- How to be effective, efficient and well”.

For the past 25 years, I have worked in the public sector, holding various senior leadership positions, leading large teams of public sector professionals, creating, implementing and managing multimillion dollar, citywide wide initiatives, serving some of the most vulnerable populations. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to lead and coach professionals, supporting them in reaching their highest potential.

I decided to create this training series, “Success in the Public Sector – How to be effective, efficient and well”, after training and nurturing many staff over the years, which helped them get promoted and lead organizations of their own. Many of my staff have moved to senior level and C suite positions. Most of them increase their salaries by $10K or more, benefiting from the training and coaching that I’ve provided. I have also, often been tasked to build and manage very successful programs from scratch and asked to support others in building and managing programs. Having had a rewarding and successful career in the public sector, and proud to have supported many professionals along the way, has led me to create this series. I have included all of the tools, strategies and lessons I have learned and used to progress to senior leadership positions and ultimately to become a business owner.

In the first course, for the aspiring and middle manager, you will learn:
1) More about yourself, identify your skills and abilities and leadership style.
2) How to elevating your game for the next level at work
3) The skills needed for the next level at work
4) How to maximizing you performance
5) How to lead before having the title and
6) How to be well

In second course – for the middles and senior manager, you will learn:
1) Take a more in depth look at you skills and strengths as a leader
2) How you can use you leadership skills to impact culture, collaboration and other important skills
3) How to support your organization’s success through laying out frameworks for success
4) How to integrate systems and leverage resources for maximum Impact
5) How to be well

In addition to these courses, you will have a lifetime membership to the Uplifme community where I and my team will host monthly group coaching sessions to delve deeper into the content that you’ve learned.

You will belong to a community that will be a source of ongoing support through your journey and as you ascend into higher roles of leadership, influence and impact.

If you are looking for resources, information and a community in which you can belong, grow and thrive, I invite you to take these courses and become a part of the Uplifme community. The best professional investment you can make is in becoming your best self.

You can find information below to sign up. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Thank you and take care.