Hello and welcome. I am Katrina Pratt Roebuck, Founder and CEO of Uplifme. In addition to providing information on resource events across the country, I provide a training series titled: “Success in the Public and Non-Profit Sector- How to be Effective, Achieve Wellness and Thrive”.

For the past 25 years, I have led and coached large teams of public sector professionals, implementing multimillion dollar, citywide wide initiatives, serving some of the most vulnerable populations.

I know the daily hard work that goes into addressing some of the most challenging social issues that the people we serve face, and I know what it means to try and balance one’s wellbeing while doing this work.

In this course, I help social service professionals reach their highest career potential, decrease burnout and increase their wellbeing by teaching them how to be more effective, efficient and to prioritize their wellness, so they can reach their goals and thrive. In this course, I have included tools, strategies, and lessons I have learned to progress and increase my own wellness, as well as to help others reach their career goals and incorporate wellness practices into their daily lives.

When you sign up for this course, you will also have a membership to the Uplifme community where my team and I host coaching sessions to delve deeper into the content that you’ve learned and you will belong to and supported by the Uplifme community as you ascend into higher roles of leadership, influence and impact.

If you are seeking to reach your career potential, enjoy wellness along the way and ultimately thrive, I invite you to take this course and join the Uplfime community today. The best professional investment you can make is in becoming your best self.

You can contact my team at info@uplifme.com for information to sign up.

Thank you and take care.

*This training may be eligible for tuition reimbursement, or a professional development/education stipend through your employer benefits*